You like him because he’s a lost boy. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen before. But do you know what happens to girls who love lost boys? They become lost themselves. Without fail.
David Levithan, Every Day (via wanduring)

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Till this moment the number of martyrs have reached more than 320 martyrs,and more than 2,290 injuries, most of them are Children !!

But listen, they are not numbers!
Some of them have just graduated successfully from high school,and were going to be doctors!
Maybe one of them was brilliant at drawing pictures,but the rocket’s fragments have cut his hands!
A child who may lead Palestine’s national team for the world cup!
Another one who might be genius,and would prepare a research about the alternative energy and how to produce electricity by using it!
Maybe there was someone who cares about Art,and may win the Oscar for one of his works!
Maybe one of them was a rich man,who was shading many poor families that we did not know about!
Maybe one of them was a woman who was thinking about how special her wedding anniversary is going to be!
And maybe one of them was a diplomatic,who has never let the olive’s bough fall down from his hand!
Maybe one of them was going to be a smart religious man!
Or someone who used to enjoy matching roses!
MAYBE there were more than all of this !!

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Yami Ahmed